Friday, May 28, 2010

Life Lessons

I told you before about my Aunt Kate
Here  when she made a beautiful quilt
Here when she taught me how to be truly zen
But I haven't told you about my Uncle

Her partner while raising 8 screaming kids, frequent visits from her favorite niece(ME),and any other neighborhood kid who happen to tank a fancy to us all.
Her other half was Uncle Norm

For some reason to this day a lot of her kids call him Norm
I don't remember how it got started but he didn't like it so it only made them call him Norm more often and I found it quite funny

To me though he was always Uncle Norm
Ok to be honest he was UNCKEE Norm

Uncle Norm taught me many things

I learned to cuss like a sailor when you are driving
I learned comb overs never stay in place
I learned grecian formula 1 doesnt work that well
I learned that if you dont brush your teeth they will fall out but your 70 year old uncle would rather keep that last one left than let the dentist pull it.
I learned you could paint a car with a gallon of cheap paint and a roller if you didnt care how it looked.
I learned grown men can run screaming when a bat gets in the house
I learned married men look at women and go holy S#$t look at that and can say oh she has a nice dress to cover their tracks
I learned how to play poker,spades,solitaire,and euchre
I learned how to cheat at cards
I learned if you steal the neighbors toys you have to take them back
I learned no matter how poor you are or how many kids you have you have room for your wifes sister and bratty neice
I learned no matter how many kids are around you can make one feel like they are your favourite
I learned you can make a buck lots of ways no matter what your education level
I learned you can take a station wagon full of kids to the lake, have three flat tires on way there and back and still want to go the next weekend
I learned how to swim because your Uncle wont let you go under and is always holding on
I learned how to fish but never how to bait a hook because Uncles like doing that best
I learned you can drive a car for years with no license(although I dont recommend it)
I learned you can go years with out paying your taxes (I dont recommend that either)
I learned that when you finally talk your Uncle into doing taxes and he gets audited he still calls you Honey.
I learned you can love a man with no class, no money, no looks, because he has a huge heart
I learned how much it means to take a child in your heart no matter how busy you are and make them feel special
I learned when he died how much I really loved him

Miss you Unckeeee  Norm


  1. aww he loved you too and i miss him too. He was a good brother-in-law. he and sister kate treated us both like we belonged . I miss him good old days right lol ma

  2. You remember him painting the car too? LOL Great story!

  3. Heart-warming post. The last three lines especially. He sounds like a classic!

  4. Thanks for commenting KIKI and that is a perfect word for him. LOL A classic indeed


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