Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Fork in the Head

My long term readers might notice I use that statement a lot.
A fork in the head.
Did you put a fork in his head?
He is lucky I didnt put a fork in his head.
Are you done? Should I put a fork in your head?
But where did this odd statement come from.

I will tell you.

When I was growing up I was around my Aunt's house a lot.
She had eight kids
Yes eight.
All within 1 year of each other.
I was there a lot because once you have eight what does one more matter?

During dinner one evening, one of her evil spawn put a fork in her sister's arm because she went for her piece of chicken.
During screams and wails and blood and getting ready to go to the hospital my Aunt said calmly

At least she didnt stick it in your head.

True zen


  1. lolololol Tammy. I love it. I guess your Aunt had to be calm with that many kids.
    You know when I read it, I first thought it said 8 kids WITHIN 1 year! lololol Brain dead here.

  2. It could have been written poorly my grammer is terrible. That is why i keep my posts rather short and sweet. I remember her always saying things like that. If you said it hurts when I do this she would say. Dont do that. So funny. Thanks for commenting

  3. you always make me laugh, 8 kids would be a nightmare wouldnt it? god no thanks 2 is enough!

  4. Can you imagine 8 of them She had one in January and then another in Dec of the same year. The woman was never frazzled

  5. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes my insurance paid 100% for my surgery.


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