Let's do it Loser

So it has come to this. WLS. Weight Loss Surgery. I have always thought of people who had to get weight loss surgery as cheaters, lazy, losers. My god how did they let themselves get so big that they would have to get surgery to lose weight. Why don't they just put the fork down. It is cheating. Alter your body and you cant eat and gorge so you are forced to lose weight. What losers. They have given up. They were all so proud of their weight loss too. Like of course you are losing weight. You have no choice now. These were my condescending thoughts as i was on day 5 of my 800 calorie a day fast. Smoking, popping ephedrine tablets, caffeine pills, eating only one meal a day and putting pretending to tie my shoe to put my head between my legs until the dizziness passed. All these things to stay a slim 160 pounds. Until the day I quit doing that and the pounds piled on. Now i am a massive 260 pounds and I am terrified. I spent three weeks on nutrisystem and lost 2 pounds. i have bee

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The Farrar Side Podcast

My daughter and I do a podcast where we discuss Zombies, Vampires, Dragons, and Witches. It is really funny because we wander off subject and get all of our facts wrong. Enjoy.

My Daughter and I try to convince each other our favorite Zombie Media is Best. Warning Strong Language.


Stupid Arse

So I had a nice thanksgiving But in the excitement of making a  huge hallmark type meal I forgot??blew off ? daily BM So when I went Friday my arse blew up ! Out? I know people don't talk of such things  But oh my god Hemmorrhoids ! Wtf  How terrible 7 days of it Nothing helps  You can't walk or sit or sneeze or cough or bend over  A hot bath helps  But good luck getting in and out of tub  Good luck trying to pee when it feels like you got stick up ya I guess it's like sneezing with eyes open  Can't do it  Good luck trying work  Good luck not blowing your head off  Good luck trying to keep your family from hating you because all you do is bitch and whine  I know I'm a big baby Anywhoooo  I am better   And I am thankful for being able to sit   And bend over   Walk upright  And sneeze without sobbing afterwards   Yay   How was your holiday?

Gobble Gobble

To get you in the mood.....


Next time I complain about Sophie and Goober annoying me I will watch this video