Sunday, January 31, 2010

Softer Side

My Aunt who I have mentioned before here , has 8 kids
Growing up, I spent loads of time over at her home.
Being an only child for 11 years, I found the chaos of her household fun and exciting.
She had me staying for weeks at a time along with any neighborhood kid who happened to bop in.
Her house was loud, messy, and down right hilarious.
Now she has gobs of grand kids and great grand kids.
Yet she found the time to make me this.

Sewn by hand
For me!
Yes I broke down crying
Who knew?
This self proclaimed hard case diva broad has a softer side.
Shhh don't tell anyone internet


  1. i think she loves you lots its beautiful done on both sides too ma

  2. aww thats so nice its good to see that people still make these things as its so unique and very pretty :-)

  3. aww she really likes you :) yay for aunt kate. seeing it makes me want to go to bingo! haha

  4. It was very sweet I will always treasure it

  5. That is just beautiful. I love handmade quilts.:)

  6. That's very sweet. You are very blessed!

  7. aww thanks everyone I really do feel blessed

  8. Wow, what a beautiful always means more too when it's handmade. :)

  9. thanks for commenting kim, i know i was really suprised i knew she was making one but wow it is so detailed!


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