Saturday, March 26, 2011

Handy Man Part Three

I call this picture, Let's hope not!

I have mentioned how handy my man is
and here
But that's neither here nor there.
Today's story is :
Our overhead light went out in the kitchen.
Acutally we have two.
I changed the first one when we first moved in our home.
It's really not hard as you would think, you just have to clip some wires together and ground it, couple screws.
I told hubby go get me a new one at Home Depot.
They had one like for 12 bucks!
He is terrified of anything electrical.
My feeling is if it wasn't a do it yourself type project, they wouldnt sell it at Home Depot.
Yes I know they sell sewer pipes there along with roof shingles but my point still stands.
I can do it.
So Mom and I had this convo.

ME :I am going to replace that light today
HER: Is Dave going to help you
ME: He is going to hold the chair
HER: Oh I have that step ladder thingy over there
ME: Great I will use that
HER: What will Dave do then
ME: Tell me everything I am doing wrong

Hahahaha so true so true

Gotta love working together.


  1. happy married people yay gotta love it

    single gramma loving it hehe ;>)

  2. YAY we did it It acually was pretty complicated since our house is old and such crap so between the two of us we rigged it so it A comes on and B wont fall down on our heads C wont catch the house on fire! GO US!

  3. That is so funny! It's a good thing your mechanically inclined.

  4. Hey I figure if I can google it I can do it lol

  5. Just remember to turn off the breaker to that part of the house and us girls and do anything. And if it is has to do with plumber turn of the water under the sink or out in the yard. Oh and shingles just have to be nail under the flap . LOL!

  6. Karen it sounds like you have been there! I love it


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