Friday, May 21, 2010

He is ALL MINE Ladies

Me: Look at my tan!
Him: What is that on your elbow?
Me: That's a mole.
Him: I never noticed that before?
Me: Its always been there, bending, holding arm to look at mole.
Him: Did it get bigger?
Me: No!
Him: What's on your nails?
Him: Is that dirt under your nails?
Me: WTH NO!  That is aa nail design. I got my nails done.
Him: Oh it looked like dirt under your nails.
Me: This is why you never get any.
Him: I guess I am a dumb A#$#s
Me: Yes you are.
Him But I am all yours
Me: Yes you are my dumb A$$

YAY me!

PS here is a pic of my nails

I think they look nice but what would a dumb man know anyway about nails


  1. hahaha you gotta love them , men ,hehe they are so funny hes all your baby. you are soo lucky

  2. Love your nails! Makes me want to get mine done!! :)

  3. Thanks lisa I like them too the silly man


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