Monday, August 24, 2009

What You Say Will Be Held Against You

Had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday.
I love people watching and interacting and lots of funny things happened
I will share my two fav with you dear internet.

Man:How much is this?
Me: Ten dollars
Man:Does it work
Me Yes of course
Man:This? and this does it work?
Me You bet
Man Will you take 15 for both of them
Me: Erm yes, that one is marked 10 the other 5 so that would be 15.
Man:Well .......shit......'

Me: So the girl got married
Neighbor: Yeah I heard thats so nice.
Me: He took our last name.
Neighbor: Really?
Me: Yeah, well he was a smith, it not like that hard to give up is it?
Customer: Hey I am a Smith.....
Me: See what I mean you cant turn around with out spitting on one.


Anyway, it was great fun and we made lots of money
I dont think I will be having one for a few years though.


  1. haha friend you are hilarious!

  2. lol i am just glad she was there to prove my point hehe

  3. Those were cracking me up! That guy really said shit, LOL

  4. lol Yes he did and we were all laughing
    People are so funny

  5. the guy making the deal said no wonder im alway broke lol gramma

  6. oh yah i forgot about that he did say that
    so funny

  7. Thanks a lot guys
    I enjoy finding humor everywhere and sharing it with my internet friends
    hugs to you all

  8. Those are too funny! Garage sales do bring out an interesting crowd.


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