Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fun Observations

So Chicago was not near as stressful as I thought it would be
It was a great hotel great view and the food was fantastic
Training was way over my head of course but managed to make it through and I might have learned a thing or two
Is it learned or learnt?
I guess I will have to learn that too!
I posted a view of our room.
You can see we had a great room.
Right in heart of things
We could watch all the tourists and observe all the traffic.

Things I discovered while there:

I am horribly out of shape
I walk too slow, city dwellers walk with a purpose dammit get out of the way
Everyone dresses nicer than me
Everyone has better hair than me

All fat people use the same "I need to rest "tricks:
Stopping to look at sites, (leaning on bridges, fences, standing staring up at skyline with hands on hips)
Bending over to tie shoes
Stopping to pretend to readjust bags etc.
Stopping to take pics
Good tricks fellow chubsters but once I noticed us all doing them I couldn't help but laugh

Other news
With my fitness ap I have lost 7 pounds in two months WOOHOO
Not to say its been easy or I haven't had my moments
Two  weeks ago we decided no junk food in house
Last week after no sweets I found myself in a sad situation
I made toast
The toaster didn't quite toast it brown but I slapped butter on it anyway
Then I thought maybe I will put some sugar on it
I put too much sugar on it so I just put the other piece of warm butter bread on it to hold the sugar in
As I am gobbling it down and not sharing with the dog (GROWL get away its mine!) I realized
I am eating a warm sugar and butter sandwich
So yah a few bumps in road
But hey 7 pounds
Go me


  1. mmm butter sugar... sandwich... yum! haha good job on losing 7 lbs and hope that it continues! love you glad you had a good time

  2. Your mother can't live in a house with out treats............that is cruel to old

    Lady. Lol. Keep up the good work u look nice. :-) love u. :-)

  3. Darn, I thought those were just my tricks!

  4. That's a ton of fun observations you've come up with. Never thought of that if it wasn't for you. You have a keen eye! Keep it up and congratulations for losing weight.
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