Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tag Team Gammas

We had the baby for two nights!
Me Hubby and Mom
So we basically tagged teamed the poor baby
It was a lot of fun
He is a lot of work though
He was awake allll day and no real naps but he did sleep all night
He would wake up once to eat then right back to sleep
What a good baby
I dont think his backside hit any thing but our laps the entire two days

Do you want him?
I got him
I can take him
Let me take him
Do you got it
Back and forth
Gamma Great Gamma Gampa
What a spoiled baby!
What fun!
We took a ton of pics
Ill post some later
Changed him so many times we had to wash all his clothes on day two
We also ran out bought him new clothes, washed those and changed him some more.
Gave him a bath and changed him so much we almost ran out of diapers
He went home one sleepy baby
Cant wait to do it again


  1. it was fun thanks to his mom and dad for letting us enjoy him. now i have to say the pets were a bit jealous they are our babies most of the time thanks kids greatgramma had fun :>)

  2. hey any time you want him again this weekend lol :) Mommy missed her little man a lot though!

  3. awe i am glad you got a break and its good to miss them


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