Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Bacon Please

Gamma: I would like a bacon cheeseburger pizza
Hut: We dont really have those
Gamma: Well I dont know what I want
Hut: Well you can create your own so you can just order one
Gamma: I wouldnt know what to put on it
Hut: Well.......hamburger bacon cheese maybe
Gamma: Oh yah on a thin crust
Hut: ok
Gamma: And maybe EXTRA cheese
Hut: ok great that be there in 30 mins
Gamma OK

Gamma calls back
Hut Hi can I help you
Gamma Yes i ordered a bacon cheeseburger pizza but you didnt have any so I had to make one up and I forgot to put bacon on it so could you put bacon on it .....
Hut Who is this?
Gamma gives name
Hut ok We will add bacon

Few minutes later phone rings
Hut: We are confused you already ordered bacon did you want double bacon
Gamma: No
Hut ok 30 minutes
Gamma Hey can I have onion on it
Hut Sure! red or white?
Gamma Oh hell I dont know just do what you want
Hangs up

Suprisingly it was very good


  1. how funny gamma
    you really made me laugh

  2. i bet home made would be better :>) gramma

  3. your good Christie how did u know that was hint hint lol :>)


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