Monday, August 29, 2011

Love Goggles

Do you all know what love goggles are?
It is when you look at someone and love them they look beautiful

I have a friend who went through major weight loss surgery
She lost 150 pounds and is thrilled
She is dating
Going to meet ups in her city
Going to dances
Going on walks
She is living life large
No pun intended
The thing that bothers me
Not about her
I am happy for her
She was really big so even after her wieght loss she has 50 pounds on me easy
We are the same height
She feels beautiful
I feel like a fat ass

It really is about how you feel about yourself isnt it?
I think we should all take a lesson from her
Lets get out there and love ourselves
Lets all put our love goggles on when we look in the mirror


  1. Yeah I recently discovered that myself too... that's probably how I got knocked up in the first place.

    Stop feeling sorry for myself then started thinking I was hot stuff again... look what happens.

    Don't do it.
    I don't want any siblings.

  2. we can make babies we can make them now! hahahaha

  3. It's definitely how we feel and our self-confidence. I've seen many ladies who were large in size who just sparkle and glow and rock it!

  4. Good for the ladies with a great self image!!


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