Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Youngest

My youngest

I met my youngest when she was four
Blond hair blue eyes a smile to adore
The neighbors girl across the way
Brought sunshine and laughter to us in every way
Always over our house which was just fine
Over time who could blame me for  pretending she was mine
Your second mom your second dad
The second child we wanted and never had
Two little girls raised together
A family of four then and forever
Family vacations summers in the pool
Shopping laughing playing the fool
Camping coasters and Tv shows
Driving lessons diva lessons shopping for clothes
You got married today and are moving away
Not suprising  we both cried and didn't know what to say
I'll tell you now we love our Kayla Nicole
I'll tell you on my blog so you will always know

Mom and Dad F

Ps don't forget us


  1. God I started bawling :) I miss her already

  2. two great girls we lucky to have, lots of love sent your way kayla gramma bowser :>)

  3. That is so sweet. This is being printed and placed in a frame!

  4. Last post from kayla


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