Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Huge

I think it happened
I am sick of being fat
although I did have hubby buy me a candy bar today
But tomoz
I think ill start my diet
I think you really have to be sick of being fat to go on a diet and lose weight
I did do 4 dances on dance central
so who knows
maybe this time I will do something about it


  1. :( come swimming and burn lots calories that way we can float around too

  2. awe you can do it ,dancing is good :>) you know we all love you just the way you are right ?

  3. I get so ticked at myself because when I try to eat a healthy diet, I screw up by the time dinner rolls around. :( Dancing is good though!

  4. yes i feel better today musta been water retention lol so i am not quite as depressed


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