Sunday, June 19, 2011

Say What?

I call this picture Sure why not?

Me: Do you want to grill these ribs or you want me to bake them
Him What
ME Do you want to grill these ribs or bake em
Him Do I want to play gorilla games?
ME Yes hon do you want to play gorilla games
ME After all it is Father's day
Him Yah I guess, I have never played it before
Me I am sure it will be fun


  1. This literally happened about 30 minutes ago... didn't it? lol

  2. so did he grill them or what lol :>)

  3. He grilled them and i think i have to play gorilla games later

  4. I like how both gamma and I were curious about how the ribs were made lol

  5. Here you go.. this should help you decide which game to play lol


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