Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Lectures please

I am a smoker
So lets get all this out of way
Yes its bad for me
Yes its bad for those who love me
Yes I should quit
Yes it is gross
MM kay
I know that ok I am also fat you wanna lecture me on that too
That isnt what this post is about
Its about
We bought a cig roller
Cranking out our own cigs
You can buy tobacco filter cig tubes make a carton of cigs for like
9 bucks
Holy Crap
Thats like saving 35 a carton and since hubby smokes too and we go through say 3 a week
thats like oodles of money
What should I buy with my new found funds
Maybe alcohol and drugs
I kid
Anyway no lectures please you will just make me want to smoke more and eat faster


  1. are you rolling them fast enough lol funny :>)

  2. LMAO at gramma... hilarious!

    yeah is dad playing one for me one for you im surprised he's not making you roll your own! ;)


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