Monday, May 23, 2011

What have you been doing?

What have I been doing?
Working mainly
My daughter is pregnant so I have been stalking ebay for deals
I bought her 274 new born diapers for a stupid low price
I also found her a 299 breast pump that works for 55$ yah baby I sniped that deal
My mom found a garage sale and went to it before they opened to get a high chair real cheap
And her best friend my other daughter Kayla got us a deal on tons of clothes and a car seat for only  10 dollars
I got my new xbox so that addiction has been satisfied 
hmm lets see what else
oh I updated my facebook profile

I couldnt help myself makes me laugh
Wonder if it says much about me
We got a kitten
She is gorgous and full of P and Vinager
But very sweet

I promise to try and blog more faithful readers
at least twice a week
Look I even set a recurring event on my iphone
so now we know it is going to happen
Oh yah and I beat ANGRY BIRDS Woot
What  have you all been up too 

PS My daughter and her talanted husband are hosting a giveaway 


  1. Sophie is flipping adorable!!

  2. what a pair 80 pounds , and 6 ozs love your pets :>)

  3. I am going to check out ebay. Never thought of looking on there for diaper. Thanks for the info.


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