Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My used xbox died
3 rings of death they call it
Thats really a myth that is one and same error its just a general error when your xbox has a hardware failure
Kind of like the blue screen on a pc
Who knows what is wrong with it
The problem is it is out of warranty
so 119 for a fix or 159 for a new smaller harddrive one
So I bought a new one
and sad to say
I am like going nuts 
I watch Netflix, Hulu, Zune, play silly games evidently all the time
I am bored on my days off
Yes I know I could go somewhere
do something
The sun is still being held hostage somewhere and its raining all the time
Besides i am broke because I just bought a new xbox


  1. ugh wahhh now im missing the live party chat feature

  2. You're so funny! You don't really need to go anywhere with all that new entertainment!


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