Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Signs of Overwork

I work too many hours 
Too many jobs 
Thankfully they are work at home
But the fall out of that is I dont drive my beautiful love of my life my Audi
My true love
In December she wouldnt start because she had sat so long
I havent gotten gas since October
Anywho I drove her today
She was out of gas
She was on E
I promised her that she could have premium gas
Even if it was 4.20 a gallon
But I barely put six gallons in and started clicking off
What the heck
The gas gauge must be broke
Oh no
I squeezed off as much as I could
But oh noooooo
The gas gauge doesnt work 
My poor baby
But then..........
I got in and noticed
I was looking at the temp.  gauge
I guess she was cold.
I am such a dumb arse


  1. you havent driven so long you forgot to how to drive lol ....

    blonde moment!

  2. good thing gramma was with you hehe :>)

    oh thats right i couldnt read it either :>(

  3. I dont know what is sadder that I forgot how to read it or that she still had half a tank after 6 months lol

  4. That is so funny. I have done silly stuff like that. Don't feel bad. I don't get out but maybe once a week if I am lucky and every time I go out it is weird. I feel out of place and lost. I really need to get a life.

  5. Me too karen and its such a BIG deal to get out anymore I need to make more of an effort

  6. Okay that cracked me up because it something I could see doing.


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