Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just Blog Already

I dont know what it is about blogging
If I dont have something I think the whole world will find HILARIOUS I dont bother
We have had rain here for a solid month
No sun
I am going bonkers
I got over my man cold but then hubby had it so it was the man flu 
Then mom had to one up me and get it but hers turned into pneumonia
I was working so hubby ran her to ER and now he goes around saying
I saved Gammas life!
Yes honey yes you did
She is on meds now though so hopefully she gets better
My daughter is going through major life stresses economically wise
I do my Scarlett thing Fiddle Dee Dee it be better think about it tomorrow
Work is going well I got a promotion and new duties and really like it
We are getting a new cat
She is like two weeks old now just waiting for her to be old enough to come home
Its a calico and the owner says its a boy but only one in 3000 calicos is a male
So I dont know 
I hope it is a boy
We are going to name it Gomer if it is
I dont know what we will name it if its female
Whats a good name for a girl cat that would go along with Goober?
Oh and I went in for a hair cut and colour
They cut it all off
It was down way past my shoulders now it doesnt even touch it
I hate it
Now I am just another fat woman with short stupid hair and highlights
So Cliche'
I get to hear how its CUTE
and makes me look Younger
If anything fun happens I will be sure to let you know


  1. Tammy, you are not a cliche! How fun to experiment with your hair cut and color.

    You should post a picture of your new hairdoo.

  2. Thats very nice of you and it doesnt look bad its just "cute" and easy to care for and blah so not me Its alright thought i have lots of clip on hair extensions for when I need to have it long again

  3. You may get used to having that short hair and start to like it?

    I'm glad you got a promotion at work, and I hope your daughter's situation improves!

  4. your pretty no matter how short or long your hair is :>)

  5. maybe blue its just a big change and nothing against short hair its just always seemed boring to me and thanks anonymous lol

  6. aww everything gets better. When I chopped off all my hair and cried, Brian told me, it gets a little bit longer each day :)

    you should do a pixie cut next... LMAO

  7. it does make you sad i dont know why stylist are so keen on chpping it all off ugh

  8. i dont know either its rather annoying i khnow i have split ends but not up to my ears! please k thanks for leaving my hair alone!

    Old women seem to cut off hair the most... and want to die it bleach blonde lol


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