Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Frontiers

I have always been conscious of the fashion world
Is this in style?
Does this fit right?
Are my shoes shiny or scuffed?
Do I have a run in my pantyhose?
That lady has a fake Gucci bag.
Who does she think she is fooling?
But working at home I am all do my pajamas match
Should I wear a bra?
So going out is a bit more challenging
I have to find real clothes
For the real world
Didn’t I use to have a lot of them?
Where did they go?
Oh right I grew out of them
Not that my taste has changed because I have matured but that I really grew out of them because my arse is bigger.
Since I am getting old and going to doc more than before, either from me stepping on TOOTHPICKS or going with mom I have become fashionably aware of medical aids
She has a nice wheelchair
That’s a nice cane look you can sit on it
Wow look his cast it is blue
When I had to use crutches to go to doc after TOOTHPICK incident I was so proud of myself that I had a pair.
Thrown in storage for years
I am so thrifty
Look I didn’t throw these away
I knew I would need them
Until I was in docs and saw some kid with his shiny new ones, with blue arm pit foam thingys
I looked at mine and they were black
And cracked from age
And wth is that a cobweb on the handle?
I definitely am going to have to step up my game as I get older
But then again
With my mismatched jammies on
And my nasty old crutches in hand
The doc did say I have samples so you don’t have to get a script
It's rather expensive.
Maybe I am on to something.


  1. Ok now you have me rethinking the hour I spend trying to find real clothes for the real world when I go to the docs. maybe if i wear my work jammies I can get free drugs also LOL

  2. yay free drugs! I always tell them I am skint so I dont know if I can get this filled... then I get samples ;)

  3. HEHE I know right and just because my socks didnt match didnt mean I was lazy I just didnt think about it.

  4. I'm all for saving money any way you can!!!!

  5. im wondering why your housekeeper didnt dust u off better? maybe she needs a raise lol ;>)

  6. Its prolly cuz i only pay her half arse lol

  7. Free meds. Can't beat that. I feel wierd going out too. And driving I think everyone is looking at me. Oh ! and seems like everytime I put my jeans on they are tighter. Of course I only wear them maybe once a month. LOL!!!


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