Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Family Pics

This is my Mom
Better known as Gamma
Thats her kindle in her hand
We got her a decorative cover for it for Christmas
If you notice she has on a pair of glasses and also a pair on her head
Thats because she always puts on her spare pair when she cant find her reading glasses

Once again this is brought to you by my son in law
He does commission work in case you are interested


  1. he did a great job . looks just like me . now for shanes family yay . good work grandson in law :>)

  2. he does really well we put them all together and print the huge family picture you been moaning about us getting hahaha

  3. Now that is just the cutest illustration of your mom's reality! ;)

  4. hehe soon to be all of our reality im sure


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