Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goober Speak

When Hubby is home he likes to do Goober's voice
Goober says HI
HI Mommy!
What you doing mommy?
It's cute in an annoying way.

The other night he was doing this and said
Where you going Mom?
To the kitchen?

No Goober I have to pee

But your going through the kitchen?
Are you getting something to eat?
I know you eat a lot.
You getting something?

I eat a lot?
You are acting like an asshole Goober!

I am sorry!
i didnt mean it!

I certainly hope not.

So I told my daughter what an asshole Goober/Hubby was being and she said
Why's he being all judgemental?
He is just jealous he doesnt have apposable thumbs
If he did his fat ass be in the fridge all day long.
They are all crazy


  1. haha no max agrees that opposable thumbs would be awesome. Do dew claws count?

  2. you all are so funny :>)

  3. awww goober looks like he is so comfy too lol

  4. we need to see goobers new toy . I heard you went to store. We know he got one lol :>)

  5. Awww Goober is so cute.


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