Friday, March 25, 2011

All of US

And here it is!
The entire family in one photo that gamma has been moaning about for years

From left to right
Riley the dog
Amanda my Niece
Anthony my Nephew
Liz my future Sister in Law
My Brother Shane
Max the dog
My Son in law Brian
My Daughter Christy
My Mom carol
Hubby Dave

PS If you are interested in having one done you can contact him here
The couple shots listed below were around 30$ I am not sure what he is charging for the large family
But you would have to send him a photo and fill out a short questionnaire so he can capture your "essence" as he has done us


  1. Remember he will do a nice picture of you and yours if you want you can email me for details

  2. yay my family picture at last yay good job brian :>)

  3. Tammy-

    I just emailed him. I am excited. Maybe you can help him figure us out. Since you read us, you know us as well as anyone.


  4. He is very excited too! We are all fans of your blogs so will be sure and capture you all at your best! Thanks Sandi!


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