Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shut up and Blog

Ive noticed something.
When something interesting happens to ME, my friends and family ask me if I am going to blog about it
And I am all like um no I am telling you about it now
You should blog about it
blink blink
Is this a new way to say shut up just write it down and I will read it later
Or maybe they like the way I blog things and find it amusing
Maybe the story is so freaking fantastic they think i should write it and share it with the WORLD
Oh no
Could it be my blog is boring and they are making suggestions
That would be a much better story then the crap you normally blog about.
Either way
Per request

The Toothpick

I stepped on a toothpick
Well really I lumbered my big arse down the stairs a toothpick was stuck on rug standing straight up and I impaled my foot on a toothpick
I promptly was all WTH and lots of cussing
Since half of it was sticking out of my foot I tried to pry it out with my hand
No go
Then I used tweezers
It was in there too deep wouldnt budge
I used my teeth
Amazing how flexible you are if you are desperate
Alas it all splintered off leaving half of it straight through my foot
I called the doc and they said oh it might come out on own soak it
But then my toes turned purple and there was a big knott on one of them
I couldnt bend my toes
Next day I went to doc and he had to numb my foot cut it and use plyers to get it out
Half the toothpick
It went all the way through my foot
Then he showed me the hole on my toe where it had tried to come through
So from the ball of foot up through foot and out of toe!

Sniff I had to get shots and stuff
and soak it and watch for infection
Then the pain pills made me nauseous
I couldn't take them
Sniff poor me

Of course I blabbed on facebook
Video chatted
Gave lots of gory details
Told all my friends on msn

ping I cant walk
ping it went through my foot
ping my foot is this color
ping I am on crutches

Yes I am a big baby
I confess it

SO there
Its all blogged about and I will shut up about it now


PS I can bend my toes now woohoo

So back to your regulary scheduled boring shallow blog


  1. yah your getting better now im so happy u getting better :>)

  2. This kind of stuff just doesn't happen to people. (most people)

    Glad you're ok though! Geez, woman!

  3. The only reason I went to doc next day was I googled it LOL hopefully if anyone finds this blog by googling stepped on a toothpick they will go to Docs RIGHT AWAY

  4. That is hilarious, my friends and family do the same. Or I hear, "you are not going to blog about this, are you?"

  5. LOL I know its like just blog so we dont have to listen to you and thanks for commenting I will check out your blog!

  6. I stumbled across your page- hope you don't mind. I think you are hilarious! I think that's why people ask if you will blog about things....also, I think people sometimes can't imagine being open enough to open thier lives to the 'internet' and are kind of in awe of those who can.

    Glad your foot is better....that sounds *awful*.

  7. Wow thanks blondee! Thanks for commenting and it is a lot better now only i have to wear four big fluffy socks to walk on it and it looks like a club foot LOL plus i am standing a bit lopsided but it could be worse


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