Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am not Addicted

I love how I can convince myself that I have no vices
No addictions
These are all personal choices
Not because I have too
I enjoy smoking
It relaxes me
That works fine until you find yourself standing in the alley behind a non smoking building next to the dumpster in the pouring rain
Same thing on my Doc prescribed meds
I can take them or leave them
That is until I am out and have a mental melt down
Or swell up because I havent taken bp meds in three days
Its all my choice people
But last night..........
After being snowed in for 4 days
No sweets in house
Well anyway let me explain.....
My daughter made my SIL a decorative mason jar containing all the ingredients for choco chip cookies in it
The Choco chips were on the top which I promptly ate
Then I bought another bag and filled it up and ate those too
but then...........
Stranded today
snowed in
no sweets.
I noticed some chips had fallen throughout the jar
So of course....
I strained them to get out the chips through the pasta strainer
I got half a handful
No I am not addicted
Not at all


  1. haha silly now you have to buy her new cookies

  2. lol for get it christie the only way they will get that gift is if you take it right to their door :>)

  3. Wow, that's a lot of work to go through for some chocolate chips, but you're right. There's no addiction there at all.

  4. It was a lot of work I hope that i burnt up all the calories I consumed

  5. lol reminds me when i use to smoke and didnt have any cigs so i use to smoke the butts


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