Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cookie Monster

Hubby and I went on a litte errand run together
We went to the ATM
Got Gas
Swung by CVS to pick up essentials
Milk, Diet Mountain Dew,and Beer
I meant essential to us not everyone haha
Anywho during the fray of grabbing our crap so he could hurry and get home and get a beer I snuck in a bag of Milano Cookies on the counter
The Cashier scanned and bagged them right away
I dont think he even noticed
She then rang up rest asked for his CVS card and ID
Why oh why do we have to have those dumb retail cards
All is good and lady still has my cookies in the bag out of reach
everyone is grinning
Hubby has hands full waiting to bolt out door with his cargo
Lady grinning
and I had to go
ummmmm Could I have my cookies please
Oh your cookies!
You dont want to forget your cookies!
I was going to keep them
I love those kind of cookies!
Those are my favourite cookies.
Here you go.

God sometimes I hate people


  1. haha funny. bitch was trying to steal your cookies!! glad you got them without incident. never stand between a woman and her cookies lol

  2. lets tell whole store and hubby she got cookies,,,,,,,,,,,,,;>)
    what, oh these cookies lol


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