Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kid at Heart

We have an xbox
The only multiplayer game I have that I enjoy is Castle Crashers
If my daughter wont take pity on me I go xbox live for a quick match
With other players
They are all like 8 or 9 years old
and a higher level than I am
They also think my name is tommy because of the font rather than tammy
I pretend i dont have a mic so they will keep playing with me and not think I am creepy
Sometimes they still wont play with me
Maybe I should just stick with farmville or something


  1. lmao at you playing with the kidlets letting them think you are "tommy." Is that a picture of castle crashers? I've never heard of that one, we may have to get it from gamefly and see if it is something tanner and I can play together. Got Dance Central in the mail today btw...having a kinect low carb dinner party at my place tomorrow :) Hopefully I'll have some hilarious video to share!

    I have something for you on my blog btw :)

  2. You sound like lots of fun, Tammy. :)

  3. well my girl took pity on me last night and we played a nice long match lol

  4. pfft you mean you took pity on me and played games with me .

  5. michelle, it must be something the kids like that is all that is online playing lol i like it a lot too i believe you have to download it as it is an arcade game


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