Thursday, January 6, 2011

Charmed life

I once posted on facebook how depressing it is to read everyone moan and whine on their status updates and encouraged them to try and have a positive outlook
One of my facebook friends promptly replied how not everyone has  A CHARMED LIFE LIKE I DO!
This caused a whole long comment thread on how my life does suck but I am not one to moan complain bitch cry or update facebook friends on every mediocre mundane difficulty as it happens.

My daughter said yes her life sucks she just has her head up her ARSE

Maybe so
And I also fart rainbows

Thank goodness someone made a  cartoon of this wonderful action
I encourage you all to try it
I mean really
Doesnt that look like more fun ;)


  1. I love it. I am with you I never post bad stuff on facebook. Mostly just stupid stuff sometimes religuous or about american. That's about it. I hardly ever gets comments on the good stuff I post but once my sister and I went out for drinks and I got Carded. I'm 52 yrs old so I posted " I got Carded today at lunch " And man I got comments all day. LOL!

  2. LOL love it i know like everyone wants to know too about peoples kids being potty trained

  3. Rainbows are so much better than the reality!

  4. Does the rainbow still stink? If not, I want to learn how to do that. LOL

  5. lol lisa I think its the smell of denial but I like it. We like to say everything is FINE its all FINE!!

  6. I love that picture!! I once blogged about hating all the polyanna's on facebook who were farting rainbows and butterflies and now I am one! Who knew I just needed a change of perspective and a life?

  7. oh wow you are talented... i wish i could fart a rainbow ;-) good for you and pooey on them!!

  8. Mybigfatsuperblog I think you were the one who said not everyone has a charmed life like I do and yes it is nice to see you and your new perspective
    Isnt it more fun?

  9. outdoor mom it takes a lot of practice lol


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