Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Black Listed

I use to get a Speigel catalog every year
These things are huge
Like door stops
They were full of lovely full page ads
Glossy paper
Shiney new clothes
I loved them
I kept it on the coffee table for months
The thing was so well made it looked like a coffee table book
But sadly I am not quite the shopper I use to be
It doesnt mean I dont love them
I do like me some fantasy shopping and looked forward to getting the christmas issue every year.
But this year
I got a flimsy 10 page one.
I am off the mailing list
They figured out I am broke
Why does this make me sad?
I am not even worth  fantasy shopping anymore
Maybe because all I get in the mail now is offers from credit repair agencies
How the heck did I get on that list
Do they know something I dont
Maybe i will get a nice Walmart flyer tomorrow
Maybe if I order something inexpensive from Speigel I will get back on their list


  1. lol dont give up yet, maybe youll still get something to look at .Fingers are crossed you.

  2. This translate to fun goodlooking taste so who knows what that meant lol


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