Thursday, October 28, 2010


I want the kinect for xbox as I have already told everyone
But there is a Zumba game you can use with it too!
While researching it on you tube I saw this video
Its long but I am sharing because
1. it shows you an entire zumba class
2. watch the lady in the green shirt (that would be my mom if we took one)
3. the lady right behind her? That would be me if we took a class



  1. I'd be the lady in the green shirt too! I can't follow complicated anythings!

  2. A certain someone....or out of synch. LMAO

  3. so funny ,looks like it will be fun. i hope we look that good lol :>)

  4. oh lord, I've thought about making Tanner take a Zumba class with me at the Y. I would be the woman in the green shirt. Lord KNOWS what Tanner would be doing. Several years ago, we visited a restaurant called Michaul's in New Orleans. They have cajun line dancing lessons and it was the FUNNIEST thing watching our cute little uncoordinated kiddo trying to dance with everyone. Because of his hearing loss, he was following what they were doing (rather than hearing the instructions) so he was always one beat off. Side step, side step CLAP! His clap always came right after everybody else's. So funny and cute! I can only imagine how hilarious we'd look in a Zumba class!


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