Monday, October 18, 2010

Tax Credits?

Work at home office 

I am setting up my new office
While looking at the screen I thought to myself this screen is too small
It is so tiny
I need a 17 inch
Off to ebay
Yup there is one I will make a bid
Oh wait.
I have a 17 inch I needed a 19
Next my headset wont work with the software I need
Dang it
Off to buy another one
Shoot this one doesnt work either
Oh wait I have to disable the onboard speakers
Dang it now they both work
I had to run some cable extensions
Although the length was right it wouldnt fit in the slot properly
What the heck its too long
Ill squeeze the end in
Argh still wont work
Why is this plastic thingy so much bigger then the other one
Ill melt it a bit with my lighter it doesnt lack much to fit
Oh wait that doesnt go in there
Shoot it goes in here
Argh now it wont fit at all
I had to rush out and buy two new cables
Why did I want this office again
OH right that is it
I can be more efficient and make more money
I forgot

I hope I can write all this crap off on my taxes at least


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