Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Iphone Love

I love my iphone
I got one when they first came out
I listened to so many lectures on why I shouldnt buy one.
Why it would fail.
Why it was over priced
I even nicknamed one co worker IPHONE HATER and that is who he is now and forever more
But the people who seemed most offended by the Iphone are Blackberry owners
I do not know why
I think the Blackberry is awesome too.
I just love my Iphone
I have no hate for the Blackberry
but this...........
is hilarious
epic fail photos - Autocomplete Me: Consumer ALERT FAIL
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  1. i know they were so offended i wanted one it was really comical

  2. I didn't know phones were so divisive! It's like politics! ;)


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