Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living Green

I call this picture
I dont know why it is upside down 

I need a sound proof office
I surfed all over the web for tips and tricks
They showed me lovely homes redone in sound proof dry wall 
With insulation
Beautiful rooms with gleaming walls to put your 6 foot desk and 40 inch monitor and paper mache flowers.
Um Yah
I dont want to spend money I want to make money
Whats a poor lazy white trash girl to do?
I will tell you
I threw every single area rug down on the floor for a wonderful visual  of 18 different colors overlapping to cover the worst stains
I pounded in nails all over the concrete walls and hung up all my too small, out of fashion, why did I buy this clothes.
Sprayed Fabreeze all over them to mask the dust, mold , closet must and  how old is this crap anyway smell
and Wah LAH
Can you hear me now?
No No I cant 
How about when I scream really loud for someone to bring me a soda
Nope cant hear you now either 


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