Saturday, October 23, 2010

Learn to Read

I am taking some classes
They are kind of intense
So difficult in fact the tests are open book
The first test I took I got a 90 and the second I got an 86

On an open book test.

The instructor assures us we are not all stupid as a 92 was the highest score on the first exam
But seriously
An open book test?
How can you miss any if you are able to look at the book?

My family says I am too hard on myself
But fess up dear internet
Wouldnt you be a tad bit upset if you didnt get 98 to 100 on a test that you can refer to the book with the answers in it?

Yes I am that competative

Anywhoo at this point I am glad that I am passing
But you know what I am blaming it on the internet
Who reads an entire article anymore
The internet is all bold headlines
I glance through get little bits here and there
Lindsy Rehab
Mel rants click here to LISTEN (not read I dont have time)
You Tube
LOLCatz (doesnt even spell properly )
I can has a link?
Oh click here to lose weight.
Pop up Buy me.
click here for slide show.
CTRL F find
Where is it? I dont have time read entire page.
I am a busy woman

Honestly once I think about it its amazing I can even read a book.
Yay me then


  1. Lol yes it is amazing... but wait, don't you listen to audio books now... so you do fail. good job. btw have you heard of a library? its like an ancient collection of books... they have lots haha

  2. you dont have to be the best one in the class. really you dont lol we love you any way . ma :>)

  3. I actually think open book tests are harder than regular tests!


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