Thursday, October 14, 2010


I went to Staples to pick up something and saw they had all their office chairs on display
Rows and rows of different types and colors
I was happily sitting in them all but lets face it an office chair is an office chair and they all bite
Each and every chair was marked between 89 to 99 dollars so what can one expect.
I was happily plopping my fat butt in them all to see if any of them are better than the crappy one I have at home
That seems a fair price so I am sure I can find one I like
I am not that picky
But then...
I sat in a chair
That was plush
And soft
And so freaking comfy
OMG I am so buying this chair for 99$
It was 399$
Marked down from 499$
Out of dozens of chairs I find the one that is 5 times as much
Why is this chair here
Now none of them are worth a crap
Because the only chair I want now is the one I cant afford
When I was a young girl my mom would constantly berate me for my champagne taste on a beer budget
Or accuse me of my snobbery
Even though we were on welfare I didnt like Honey Os because I like Cheerios and I know they exist so I will just have some toast thank you very much.
But now I see I am not a snob
I am just aware
Aware there are better things out there and if I cant have them I dont want anything.
Who can be happy sitting in a crap chair after knowing there is the most comfortable beautiful chair in the world
So see
It is not my fault
It is bait and switch
So what did i do dear internet
I didnt buy any chair and stuffed a pillow behind my back
I blame Staples for making me aware my office chair sucks
Snob indeed


  1. (Un?)fortunately, I have inherited the same traits lol

    I naturally pick out the most expensive thing in the room without even trying. Somehow, everything else seems dull and unoriginal after I find it

  2. There's a HUGE difference in chairs and I totally understand why you didn't want to buy a crap chair after that!

  3. thats just like me, quality is more expensive we cant help having good taste!


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