Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where is Gamma?

I call this picture  shameless affiliate link

My mom got herself a kindle
and instead of buying books I hooked her kindle up to my account so she can read my library
I have like 185 books on mine
I havent spent any time with her in a week
Then when she did come over she had her kindle in her purse
I caught her reading it while I was talking and being amusing.
I got replies like
Oh Really!

Hmm if it wasnt so cool that my mom is all techy and has a ebook reader now, I would be offended.
Anyway she loves it
she likes it because its lightweight,and you can make the font HUGE!

If you want to know what to buy your parents for xmas I would recommend getting them one
They have really went down in price too


  1. awesome if i werent so broke i'd buy one tooo weeeeeee

  2. you silly get the kindle ap for your iphone you wont need one

  3. yay finished that book hmmm now which one should i read. Maybe i should do dishes first hate house work lol.Yay kindle :>) gramma

  4. Neat idea! Cool that your Mom likes to read. Unfortunately mine doesn't. Being a voracious reader, I don't quite understand that.

    Have a great rest of the week -- it's all downhill from here!

  5. I have been eyeing them since the price went down, but trying to save for a car. I'm uber jealous though!

  6. I do have to point out if you have any sort of smart phone aka iphone or blackberry I am pretty sure they have the kindle ap available on both so you dont have to buy a kindle. I did have one when they first came out (of course lol) and ended up selling it because my iphone does the same thing


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