Friday, September 10, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

I havent blogged this week because I have been kind of sad
Our cat has gone missing
Her collar the one with the bell on it had come off the day before and I didnt get her a new one.
The next day she came up missing
My daughter was over and went door too door with a picture but no one has seen her
I called the shelters and vets in area no help.
I put an advert in the paper and the few times the phone has rung I answer it with my hopes up high.
People are calling to offer me their unwanted cat
People are calling to offer me their unwanted kittens
One called to scold me for letting her out
Another called to say she saw a couple dead cats on the road and although they didnt match my cats description she is probably dead and I should have never let her outside.
All I can say is.
What is wrong with people
Dont call an advert for a missing pet unless you think you have found her
Save us some more grief please
Either way I am going to think some other family adopted her
A family with out a dog who likes to try and and hump her.
Maybe one who will keep her inside all the time even though she will eat her way through screens.
I just am going to think she is much happier now.


  1. aww im sure she is missing us too but with an old lady who lives alone and will spoil her and love her to pieces ,think happy she is fine :>)gramma

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your missing cat.
    I'm a cat lover too!
    Shame on those thoughtless people with their comments!

  3. Thanks Barb I am really sad because every call says are you missing a cat have you found her yet and my heart is always in my throat :(

  4. I cannot believe people actually called and said those things. What in the world is wrong with people!? Everybody feels like their opinion must be heard. I guess their mama never taught them the adage of "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all!". I hope you find your cat!

  5. thanks bowman i know cats arent meant to be outside but i couldnt keep her inside she had a collar too and it was only off one day you know you have to get the snap release sort i really hope someone thought she was a stray and adopted her

  6. Oh, I am really sorry to hear this. Our little kitten went missing twice and he is never let outside. Apparently he is an escape artist. We were lucky that he was pack on the porch first thing in the morning.

    I am hopeful that someone found your beautiful girl and scooped her up to call their own.

    I am sure that is what happened! And I am sure she misses you even though she is happy.

    Hugs to you and your family.

  7. aww thanks guys i am going to believe she is happy and maybe one day will stop over for a visit

  8. My cat used to want to get out all the time but now she's more laid back(or maybe it's lazy that I mean to say) but I understand they can be good at getting out.

    I'm all for free speech and all but people need to have some responsibility and think about what they say. The interesting thing too is someone else that reads your advert would probably pipe up and say "you should let them run free all the time" and be real opinionated about it because they think they know everything too. Sigh.

    I hope you find her or that she's with another family that found her and will love her too.

  9. i didnt like letting her out either but she was a terror on getting out it was either let me out or say goodbye to your windows lol. What gets me is the ad was for a lost cat I dont need lectured to feel guilty i can do that on my own :( people are just silly

  10. Tammy, I let my kitty out too, and always freak when I realize she's jumped the fence. It seems so unfair to not let them outside since they enjoy it so much. I'll be praying for your baby's safe return. I believe in the power of prayer!!



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