Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Discussions Everyone Should Have

The kids came over Saturday
It was a fun visit
I love it when they visit.
They were showing me how to use an xbox
But while they were showing me all the features I saw you could get movies on demand through Netflix
So I was all like lets watch movies
No dont show me anymore features MOVIES NOW!
Anyway we were watching Zombie land
At one point I said
If I ever get bit by a zombie would you....YES was the reply
Yes we will shoot you in the head
Don't worry
Then I think they argued over who would get to do it
I am not really sure because I was laughing too hard
AWWWW  Family got to love them


  1. i think i even heard gramma say sure I do it honey hehe

  2. cuz we love u is why :>)

  3. Can I be a part of your family? LOL : )

  4. I promise to do my very best to shoot you in the head if you became a zombie. lol

  5. LOL, I've been wanting to see that movie! You guys are hilarious.

  6. lol it is nice to know you all have my best interests at heart


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