Monday, September 13, 2010

Eastdown and off key

This show on HBO called Eastbound and Down is about a baseball player who loses his game
After being rich and famous he is back home living with his brother teaching PE at a school in his former home town. Poor, forgotten, but not down at least in his own mind.
He is still convinced he will be back on top
The only thing he has left from his glory days is his jet ski which he takes out when times get bad to get his head together.

I do the same thing in my sports car
Top down
Music blaring
I go fast down two lane country roads singing as loud as I can
My mom called and my voice was so hoarse she thought I was crying LOL
But no I am just doing my own Eastdown and out but I do mine louder and off key


  1. SO FUNNY show is funny too hehe

  2. its funny though he just cant catch a break

  3. Did you say you have a sports car? If you have one, you deserve to do whatever you want!

  4. why yes i do left over from my glory days lol

  5. Same here. I'm a washed up baseball player, with a convertible, a radio and a bad singing voice. But it doesn't deter me.

  6. i agree matty if you cant sing your own praises no one else will do it for you


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