Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation Time

We have this huge festival during labor day that comes to our town each year
It draws celebraties at times not often and normally has been ones but still know.
A huge car auction
Of course lots of things are going on in town also
We normally make our escape and run away during the 3 days
Silly tourists and all
But this year since we couldnt really afford a luxurious vacation (If its not 4 star forget it, I will stay home work until I can afford one)
I have however come up with a plan
I think we are going to dress up like tourists
Such as:
Dumb visors
Gawdy shirts
Fanny Packs
Camcorders around necks
Maps in hand
Say things like ....which way to the...............blah

Just like be all dumb touristy in our own town
We can take shuttle buses
We can tell the local vendors how cute and quaint the town is
We can ask for directions
We can hit all the local attractions
hundres of garage sales (ok maybe only 40 or 50 )
flea market
craft show
historical home tour
garden walk
car show
swap meet
tour of candy shop
an ice cream social

hehe What do you think?
I will be sure and post lots of pics for you all too
I think I will try a fake Aussie accent just for kicks too.


  1. lol nice maybe i should take that weekend off too so i can have fun! lol

  2. yay i cant wait what fun gramma

  3. yes i will be sad come pay day though but at least maybe you could do the parade

  4. Hey great idea -- especially the part about the Aussie accent. LOL

  5. It sounds like fun to be a tourist in your own town. I like the idea!

  6. LOL, I love how you make your own fun! How good is your aussie accent?

  7. It is pretty bad so should make it even more fun


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