Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quack Quack

My girl collects ducks
She thinks ducks are just so funny
So I found these at a garage sale for 50 cents!
What a bargain


  1. Funny AND cute! What a great deal!! :)

  2. They are so cute. I found some ducks in the barn. But gave them to my sis. I should of sent them to you. If I find some more you are on my give to list.

  3. how sweet of you karen, we have loads of garage sales this weekend i am very excited

  4. I collect ducks, too, and my mom just gave me the very same set. When my grandma died recently, my sweet mom gave me all of the ducks that grandma had and those were included. There were only a couple more but it was so nice to be thought of and I'm sure your daughter feels the same :)


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