Friday, August 6, 2010


Morphing into a ...Moth

Last year at this time
I was getting eyelash extensions
Or maybe it was the year before
While I was working I was also cruising the net on the side and looking at
Carpet cleaners
What has happened to me?


  1. LOL, at least you haven't lost your ability to multi-task ;)

    What did you think of the eyelash extensions? I may treat myself down the road when I've lost more weight. Right now, I'm buh-ROKE lol. Had to soak off my nails because I couldn't afford fills and had about half a nail's worth of growth...It wasn't pretty. Oh well, I'll be in better shape in a month or two and get them put back on ;)

  2. LOL wtf going on with you?

  3. oh i loved them
    but they cost like 300 for initial set and 100 for fills

  4. Yeah, I probably won't be doing those for a while lol. Maybe I'd rather start my Tiffany's charm bracelet and just get some really good mascara instead. Diorshow is the bomb btw ;)

    Did you have any problem with them falling off?


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