Monday, August 9, 2010

Instead of Caulk

I call this pic Goober says WTH?
I walked in the bathroom Saturday and the carpet was wet right by the tub
Quite satuarted really
I figured someone got sloppy during a shower
Not me I actually need a shower pretty badly hehe.
The towel became sopped so I put another one down but by Sunday it was soaked too.
Uh oh
Something i leaking
Hubby tore up the bathroom wall and decided handle is leaking runs down tub side and onto floor
Easy enough fix
But he said, since he was in there he would replace that wall it looks pretty nasty anyway its been leaking awhile
Ok that is ambitous, but go for it.
After he was in there for 6 hours I opened the door and said
How is it going?
Fine I just have to tighten this nut.

And I kid you not dear internet ...
Like something out of a sitcom
A bad sitcom

A gush of water jetted out of the wall hit him full in the face and knocked him back on his butt.
Did I panic?
Did I scream?
Of course not!
I busted out laughing
Because that is the kind of wife I am

PS we are still without a tub and no water as he shut it off to try and work on it some more.
I really should have took that shower the other day because I am one smelly nelly


  1. oh no i bet he was laughing too ,hmmm or was he lol
    sure hope u get things sorted today,u can shower at grammas if needed

  2. yes we might have too use your shower gamma

  3. hehe i guess its a good thing i didnt come over if you dont have any water


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