Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fat Nation

Have you seen these commercials for Lanacane?
Balloon people with their legs rubbing together
I don't know if I should be offended by this commercial?
Maybe its more like I am thrilled they are making this stuff?
Why didn't they have this crap when I was younger and wore shorts(thank goodness for capris coming back in style)
Maybe they did but it was taboo to market it
I tell you what it is certainly a weird thought that you could be in a situation where some hot stranger asks you what is  that white cream is on your thighs
Would any answer not be embarrassing
Oh that is just the cream I wear so I don't chafe when my huge fat thighs rub together.
Ok i will take it as marketing.
Hey ad guys you want the next new AD CAMPAIGN?
Find me something that stops me from sweating under my boobs.
I doubt you could use balloon people for that.
Perhaps cotten ball chicks?
What you think?


  1. You put it on your thighs to prevent chafing? omg, that's new to me!

  2. yes blue the commercial is funny as the balloon people squeak when they walk

  3. Couldn't you put just about any cream or lotion on that would work?

    But, amen sister on the boob sweat. So gross.

  4. You would think so Dani, I thought that was what suntan oil was really for anyway! It is marketing genius. I think last time I saw a lanacane commercial was for old lady itchy skin. They are definitely looking for their niche. Maybe all the old people died off and they are looking at the HUGE (get it huge) fat people market.

  5. blink blink

    I thought thats why we wear pantyhose lol

  6. i wouldn't even bother buying the stuff, I'd probably have to use an entire tube at each application lmao!


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