Friday, July 2, 2010

Yay I am Back

My name is Tammy
and I  am addicted to my Iphone
I have been without it for over a week, two weeks, FOREVER
and all I can say is
I had no idea how much I used it
I was constantly reaching for my nonexistent phone to
-Check facebook
-Read email
-Play words with friends
-Look up random actors on imbd
-Shazam songs i heard on radio/tv
-Map garage sales
-Play music in my car via radio transmitter
-Check bank balances
-Take pictures of Goober
-Take pictures of Goober and the cat
-Look at lol cats
-Read books on Kindle
Oh yah and sometimes I call someone
So now you all know and thank goodness I found a good used one on ebay
I am back baby


  1. Love it. I don't have an iPhone but I have an iPad and yes, I am addicted too.

  2. YAY your back baby lol

  3. i know i was dying without my phone lol jenny i would love a ipad I am so jealous

  4. aww im glad you are back i missed you and you never answered your landline any way

  5. Glad you back. Don't ever go away again. We missed you.

  6. aww thanks karen what a big baby i am pouting over no iphone


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