Friday, July 9, 2010

Wild Kingdom

Mom comes over to clean and says there is a dead bird on porch
Stupid Cat
The cat thinks she is a lion and likes to bring home dinner
Usually she leaves it on the porch
So I googled what to do and they said to put a bell on her collar
So I did
Then we went out in kitchen
There is a beheaded rabbit on the counter
Baby bunny to be exact she not a very big cat
After screams and squeals I throw a bag over it pick it up to toss it and
The leg is detached
Yes this is what I do when I have to pick up something disgusting
Or clean out the cat box
Or change a diaper
Even with my own kid if it was a disgustingly bad one the convo went like this:
Aww mommys little geeby goo made a poopoo
Runs to toilet
Stay there mommy be right back!!
Dont even get me started on what happened when the kid threw up
Lets just say by the time she was 7 she was either making it to toilet or cleaning it up herself because Mom was too busy in bathroom hurling herself
What a great mom!
Anywho any ideas how to tame this wild thing in my cat
The bell isnt working and she is already declawed
I dont have the stomach for wild kingdom


  1. no wonder Goober is afraid of her she stinks of blood and guts poor Goober lol

  2. i know she is viscous and she is so tiny for a full grown cat

  3. she needs more cow bell lol and dont worry, i always make it to the toilet now :)

  4. She is bringing these things to you . She is repaying you for feeding her. My cat brings me bugs, rocks, nuts, and birds. Some are still alive. He has been bringing some long starfoam things for weeks now. I act like I love them than toss them . So he brings me another one. Some are 2 feet long. He yells at the top of his lungs till I let him in. I just wish I know were he was getting them. And what they are. They look like covers for wires are those things that are around the bars on boys bikes so they won't get hurt if there feet slip off the peddles. I just wish since he is a theft he would bring home better stuff. Just kidding. Good luck with your presents .

  5. hehe karen well i dont know she bellows if you dont let her out i am just going to have to get her a bigger bell she must be quick

  6. Seriously impressive if kitty is declawed and belled and STILL bringing you "presents". Gross... but impressive.

  7. my husband said she will be bringing home unsupervised toddlers soon

  8. Oh SICK!!!! I suppose the cat wants you to be proud but how could you be?

  9. i know and yes she does one morning she came in with her mouth full yowling muffled and we were like omg what is it what do you have? she opened her mouth and a big moth flew out lol


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