Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's not my Name

First off, I love this song
I know it is too young for me really but it is quite catchy

I am terrible with using names
So everyone I know has a nickname
Gamma =mom
Geeb(hard G)=daughter
Goob=goober the dog
FRIEND(always in caps)=my friend
What about you dear internet
You have any weird nicknames for your friends and family


  1. whats going on no body have a nick name tammys daughter is squirt to me she was so little and cute the first time i met her she was already a year old . born in germany army brat lol love u squirt gramma
    I was honeybubbles
    my sister was pushpot hahaha

  2. lol honey bubbles i never knew that

  3. and what are your pet names GEEB give em up

  4. gramma never calls u anything like that

  5. oh yes she all married and stuff now thats right love you squirt gramma :>)

  6. LOL, I often call Tanner "puppy." It started when he was a newborn..when he cried he sounded just like a little puppy whining so we started calling him puppy from birth practically lol.

    I call our new dog...the toy Pomeranian we fostered and kept..."stinkeroo." His real name is Paxton, but he is SUCH a character and always getting into something that I commented he was such a little "stinker!" which has gradually morphed into "The Stink" or "stinkeroo."


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