Friday, July 23, 2010

Slow Down

(I call this pic, Not our IceCream guy)

Remember those hot summer lazy days of your childhood?
The ice cream truck?
I love the icecream truck
But ours....
I know we dont have any kids on my street anymore
We are all old slow asses
But this guy
He flies down our street
Probably to get to the trailer court where the real money is
Which is fine
I am a capatalist
I understand speeding down the street to get to a destination
I mean I have a sports car I get it.
Physics says your tires will squeal if you turn when you are going that fast
I get that too
If you are going to go flying down my street with no thought of stopping
Could you shut your music off?
That's all I am saying


  1. its the same here in the UK, his music blaring out to get us to come out, but he always go on to the estate where all the kids and chavs are and I get john to run after it, sometimes he manages to get me one and im like YAY but most of the time i go to mc donalds and get a mc flurry lol

  2. Of course now our street is filled with kids!! Where did they all come from?........Brad

  3. lol well why is he going by so fast next time you run out get me a fudgecicle bring it by haha

  4. then he fly over to my street to see how fast he can pass gramma place lol silly man

  5. You know, you're not kidding! They go so fast there's no way they can make any money these days. They used to crawl when we were kids!

  6. Maybe we didnt notice when we were younger and now we are old and slow


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