Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just call me Amy Winehouse

I lost my crown
Wahhhhhh I cant find it, help me Mom!
Dont worry I am on my way
We will find it
Wahhh no it's gone
Ok lets look here
Wahhhh I cant find it either
It cost 1000 dollars
Hey wait,Hubby is home early
Yay I am home early from work
WAHHHH in unison
I lost my crown
Mom cant find it either
I will find it
Dont worry
Wahhh you cant find it either

Well.......$hit dear internet
It's gone
Now I look like a hillbilly
Glad I posted my picture of me before I lost my front tooth


  1. Oh please say you don't. Say your story is a lie.

  2. LOL not today blue I will have to get my crowned fixed so i can have my hollywood smile, but today yes I do feel like her and I had to go out in **gasp** public Should be back to normal tomoz hopefully


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