Saturday, July 17, 2010

Final Answer

I had a phone call today and normally I dont answer any calls I dont recognize on the caller id but this one said Gallup Poll Organization.
I can be one of those people when they say recent Gallup polls indicate .....
Some of the questions though, I dont know.
Is it good if the poll taker trying to sound all professional keeps busting out laughing?
Here are a few questions that got her giggling and I thought my answers quite proper and professional.

Did you eat 5 servings of fruits and vegatables yesterday
Erm No
But I ate at least 5 times.

On a Scale of 1 to 10 economy wise how would you rate your life now
Where do you expect it to be in 5 years
A 10, I am an optimist obviously.

Would you say you are satisfied or dissastified with the job the president is doing
Erm are those my only two choices
Erm.....Well it;s like moving in a demolished house and trying to remodel I suppose.
No one likes the porta potty but you have to put up with it awhile.
Does that mean you are satisfied?

What is your height and weight?
Your height and weight?
I am 5'8"
And your weight?
You need my weight?
**gives weight in the form of it's such and such time here* like its 1:30 get it? and no its not 1:30 here dear internet but I am not that honest

Did you exercise last week?
Believe it or not I did

Do you like your town city where you live?
Yes I love it.
Do you feel safe walking the streets at night?
Well I dont walk the streets at night but I would feel safe if i had too.
Once I had to walk downtown to get hubby out of bar but I felt safe.
I was pretty mad at the time though.
He probably didn't feel that safe when I found him.

Are there fresh vegetables and fruits easily available in your town?
 Yes there is a Farmers market every week
Not that I have ever been.
I could though, but it closes like at 11 am and heck I am not even up by that time some days.
Hmm Does that make it not easy for lazy fat people?
No I am going to stick with original answer.
Yes Final answer.

Any way that is just a small sample
 I wonder what demographic I will fall under?
Head up their arse type?


  1. good job i would say you made her day :>)

  2. lol and the latest gallup poll says............


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